Every day the weatherman announces the weather will be mostly sunny with a chance of showers. The sun is guaranteed, but the chance of showers is slim to none. So far, we’re 3″ short on rainfall for the year. I’m hoping a few thunderstorms will finally bring some relief.

If I’m not dumping bark mulch, watering something, or filling up birdbaths, I’m doing rain dances in the backyard. No Mow May has turned into No Mo’ Mow.

1. The good news is the tomato harvest has begun. My Lost Marbles cherry tomatoes haven’t ripened yet, but the Mountain Princess is well on its way.

2. My old dependable yellow rose.

3. The Jua Maya Hybrid sunflower is a giant and towers over its Autumn Beauty pot mates.

4. Like the sunflowers, my Little Ruby Fig tree loves heat. I ordered it last December. It took off and is already sprouting little figlets.

5. My very first Bee Balm has popped up in my patch of wildflowers.

6. I purchased 4 Kodiak Red Bush Honeysuckle Diervillas last August in hopes they’ll cover a corner of the slope in the backyard. This is their first bloom.

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