The past three weeks were miserably hot and humid with just enough rain to keep the grass wet. I spent my garden time watering and filling bird baths.

1. It was so hot and humid that weeding was out, sitting in the shade taking pictures was in, which is how I took this photo of a Rose Campion amongst the weeds.

2. A neighbor gave me some Black-Eyed Susans. I planted most of them. I kept them well watered and even got out the sprinkler to give them all a good soak just before a big storm rolled in and, at long last, it rained – for hours. Two days later, it’s still raining. We’ve gone from dry and dusty to soaked and muddy.

Unfortunately, the Black-Eyed Susans aren’t doing well. It’s a mystery. Only one is happy. They can’t complain about not getting enough rain. The first photo below is a pot of healthy ones uprooted from my neighbor and in temporary housing. After going in the ground, they all but disappear. I hope they’re simply slow growing perennials.

3. If the Black-Eyed Susans aren’t doing so well, other things are.

4. The peonies were looking lovely up until the first storm soaked their flouncy petticoats. Then splat, down they went.

5. Behind my neighbor’s back yard fence is an overgrown jungle of ivy, vinca, oriental bittersweet, virginia creeper, big trees, little trees and whatever has managed to take root and survive. At one time someone did take care of the area and planted some nice things, like a dogwood and a lovely purple rhododendron.

There’s one little bush in the corner, behind my plum tree. I assumed it was a box plant. Whenever I weeded around the plum tree, I also cleared trees, vines and weeds around the bush to keep the it from being smothered.

My handy dandy PlantNet app identified it as a Japanese Holly!

I’m contemplating digging it up and moving it to where it would be appreciated…like, say, my yard. It’s about 4 feet tall and difficult to get a clear picture of with so much growing around it. This shot is looking down on only half the bush.

6. I purchased a cement bird bath in July 2018. Two months ago, it crumbled and fell apart. I purchased this new, larger bird bath made of a mix of bamboo and recycled plastic. This one is definitely not going to fall apart.

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