I came home Thursday to find the tree in the front yard had sprouted a round, furry lump.


A cat? A groundhog?


Seriously? A groundhog?


Groundhogs can climb trees?

It’s my guess he wandered into my yard when something, possibly a dog, cut off his exit route and the tree was his best option. He never moved. He was desperately hoping no one would notice him.

I’d never seen a groundhog anywhere in the neighborhood. At first I had the usual reaction, I dreaded the damage a groundhog could do to my yard if he moved in. But this was an adult. He may have been living in my yard all his life and I’d never noticed him.

After months of drought, rain finally came that night. A good, soaking rain that went on for hours. I worried about him, although with a layer of fat and thick fur he wasn’t likely to get cold.


He was gone by morning without even leaving a tuft of fur behind to show he’d been there.