My last Six on Saturday was all about what was blooming in my yard. This one is all about the food growing in my yard.

The first tomatoes of summer, lovely Arkansas Travelers from Sow True Seed, are well on their way. It’s amazing how big these things get. They grew from tiny seedlings into massive 5 foot tall bushes.

I found garlic does very well when grown in pots where rabbits can’t get to them.

The slow-growing alpines finally graduated into bigger pots. I can’t plant enough of these things.

The lemon cucumbers are producing so much, I’m giving them away to anyone who shows the slightest interest.

I pickled five jars of the cucumbers. To make an even six, I cheated and added a jar of pickled ramps.

I was aiming for six of Six on Saturday. If I’d been faster to help with pollination, I would have six baby squash by now, but I only have three. I do have three more candy roaster plants growing, so there may be more in another month.

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