My Six on Saturday are the creepy crawlies I’ve been finding in the yard recently.

1. I’ll start with the not-so-creepy, the honeybee. It’s one of many pollinators hanging out on the cucumber vines.

2. The brown paper wasp looks like your worst nightmare in miniature, but they are pollinators and not aggressive.

3. I think this is a yellow paper wasp. I don’t see as many of these as the brown ones.

4. Lady bugs are nice to have around. They help out in the garden by eating aphids. When I took this picture I assumed this was a cute little lady bug. It’s not. It’s a vegan squash lady beetle. It likes to chew on juicy squash stems.

5. I thought these were cute too. At first. They look like living pen and ink drawings. They’re on my squash leaves because they’re squash beetle nymphs that feed on the leaves. I sprayed them with an oily insect spray. I’m not sure whether it killed them or just made them miserable, but there aren’t as many now.

Squash beetle eggs look like neat little buttons. I sprayed them too.

6. I was searching for May beetles on the plum tree when I came upon the scariest of all – a hornet’s nest!

I’ve never seen a hornet’s nest up close before. It’s like something from a horror movie.

I got just close enough to find out it’s a nest of bald face hornets. They eat insects, but don’t seem to have a taste for squash beetles. I will be giving the plum a wide berth until this winter when it’ll be taken down by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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