1. For a couple of weeks, when the sun hit at just the right angle through the trees, there was an orange glow from deep inside the woods.

2. Ignoring political jokes for the moment, I wondered if some unusual plant was flowering, but the blooms were going on too long. In spite of the abundance of bugs and bears, my curiosity won out and I set off down the hill to check it out.

3. It was mushrooms! Bunches of big, orange mushrooms!

4. This seemed to be the lemon version.

5. I’m almost sure it’s chicken of the woods, (Laetiporus sulphureus), also called chicken mushroom or sulphur shelf, growing on a rotting log. Because of all the rain this year, I’ve been seeing a lot of the usual tiny mushrooms growing up from the forest floor, but this was new.

6. For comparison, the photo below is from Northern Bushcraft.

I’ve eaten chicken of the woods once before and it was very tasty. This is the ideal mushroom for beginners (me) because of their distinctive appearance and look-alikes are non poisonous. I’ll take another hike into the woods for a closer look and bring back a piece to try.

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