Glam is fun. A couple of years ago, I added a little glam to the driveway. Everyone should have a little glam in their driveway, right?

Last summer, when I planted the flame azaleas, I added some glam to the rocks beside them.

I wanted to add more sparkle with solar lights, but I didn’t want the all-too-common lights on a stick shoved in the ground. Home Depot has inexpensive little block solar lights that look a bit like oversized ice cubes.

I ordered 6. Three for each side of the new pavers in the front yard. They came very well packaged and are surprisingly hefty.

So far, I’ve only been able to add some rocks and very young iris beside the new pavers. They still need mulch. I put the lights on top of the pavers here temporarily just to see how they might look.

Do they work? I’m not sure. The lights do come on when the on/off button on the bottom is pressed, but it’s too gloomy for them to charge.

For my next glam venture I may try glow in the dark pebbles.

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