My Sow True Seed purchase this year included tomato, butternut squash, snap pea, and last year’s impulse buy – lemon cucumbers.

My two impulse buys this year were milkweed and forget-me-nots. I can imagine a lovely sea of tiny, pale blue flowers in the front yard.

There’s an overgrown tangle of stunted bushes, forsythia, pine trees, a weeping cherry tree and ivy in back of my neighbor’s house. Last year I noticed one of the small bushes had a few lovely, little flowers. In January I noticed it had berries. I plucked a few of them and put them in a small pot.

They’re doing very well, although it’ll take a while to figure out what they are.

Inspired by The Propagator, I purchased White Wood Aster seeds. I divided them between two little plant pots and kept them in the cold garage for two months.

I brought them outside on March 1st. I’m impatiently waiting for signs of life. Staring at them doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Only one of my new wild geraniums has sprouted so far.

I was beginning to think one geranium would be all I’d see of last fall’s native plant purchase, until I noticed these tiny leaves that I suspect are the sharp lobed hepatica I planted last November.

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