1. At least 5 years ago I planted six azaleas in the wooded area on the hill in the backyard. I imagined a woodsy glade with lovely spring blooms. It was a nice idea, but the soil there is poor and it’s too dry and dark. Four survived. Just barely.

I decided they would do better in the newly cleared area in front of the house on one side of the new pavers. They will balance out the azaleas on the other side. They’re hard to see as they’re spindly and only a foot tall.

2. A couple of years ago I planted a lovely Serviceberry tree in the middle of the front yard under the silver maple. It did well the first year until a branch from the maple fell and snapped it in half. Last year it made a come back and added several inches in height.  A few weeks ago something else came along and snapped the tallest shoot in half.

It was time to take action. I cut the bottom off a plastic juice bottle and made a sort of cloche.

Rabbits were nibbling on my new wild geraniums in the backyard so I topped them off with more juice bottles.

3. Twice as many violets popped up in the lawn as last year, possibly due to all the rain.

I found plenty for violet jelly.

4. Iris are one of those no-care plants that multiply like rabbits in the yard. I dug up this long row of iris,

and planted Partridge Pea seeds in their place.

5. My seed assembly line for 2019: cucumber, tomato, squash, Forget-me-nots and more Partridge Peas.

I also divided the sprouts from my mystery berries.

6. Sadly, the only things not growing are my White Wood Aster seeds. Staring at them for extended periods of time has not encouraged growth.

To see what an expert can do with seeds, check out The Propagator along with other wonderful gardens all around the world.