It seems like overnight everything in the yard decided to bloom.
1. My two-year old tiny little alpine strawberries are producing tiny little flowers.

2. After several years of coming up with nothing but leaves, my tiny dwarf iris is coming up with purple.

3. I grew four eastern redbuds from seed. This one is nearly full size and the only one to bloom so far.

4. The semi-dwarf cherry tree in the backyard has recovered from being mauled by a bear last spring and is full of blooms and bees.

5. I have six different cultivars of little patio blueberries in the front yard. This one has come out with lovely, pale pink blooms. If I’m fast, I may get some blueberries this year.

6. These flowers are in my neighbor’s backyard, where I found the mystery berries.

I’m hoping someone can identify the plant as it could be the one that produced the berries.

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