The berries I planted early this year are doing very well and continue to be a mystery. They’ve outgrown their current digs and will soon be moved into larger accommodations.

Last year I removed an azalea from this spot in the woods and this mystery popped up. It’s a very healthy mystery. It died down over the winter and is coming back. I can’t help thinking it’s a hydrangea, but that’s unlikely. I hope it does something this year so I can identify it.

This mystery plant covers sunnier sections of the woods in the backyard. A few of them are over a foot tall, while most are only a few inches high. It has never bloomed, seems to be deer resistant and has slowly spread wherever I’ve added mulch.

Next to that mystery is a new mystery over there on the right.

It seems to be a native Lady slipper (Cypripedium spp.). I’ve never seen one before. It may have popped up because there was so much rain last winter.

Lady slippers are normally pink or yellow and this is white. I’m hopeful it will turn pink in the next few days. I’m also hoping it’s deer resistant.

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