1. My Six on Saturday covers the first battle of my war on vinca. Here I’d just cleared the edges of a corner of the backyard. This was taken in early fall when it was still sunny in Asheville.

2. Inch by inch, between rain storms and Thanksgiving, I kept yanking and pulling and cursing vinca. It was a slow, tedious job, made worse by a constant avalanche of leaves. This is a view from the bottom of the slope.

3. I took a welcome break when my new creeping phlox arrived – not packed in plastic!

In their dormant state they looked like weird animal carcasses. It was hard to tell which end was up.

4. I know the battle has only begun, but for the moment, this corner of the yard is a vinca-free zone. The green patch in the middle is juniper. The phlox is planted at the very top.

5. I will cover the slope in milkweed and cosmos seed as soon as I can get some. In the meantime it got a blanket of shredded leaves.

6. Where did all that vinca go? It’s become Mt. Vinca in the middle of the driveway, where it will decompose for a while before it finds a new home in the woods.

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