One. It’s definitely winter here in western North Carolina. It’s been weeks of cold and wet with a few sun breaks thrown in now and then. I have big plans for a colorful spring, but outside of seed packets, it’s hard to find color in the yard now other than dreary shades of gray and brown.

Even the deer have donned their gray winter coats.

Two. A few bright green daffodils are poking up here and there.

Three. The new growth on one serviceberry has a hint of color.

Four. Cheerful birdseed ornaments are a bit of fun.

Five. I’ve always admired one particular yard in my neighborhood. It has a simple design of raised islands around huge oak trees. The islands were made through carefully placed rocks. Mature rhododendrons are interspersed with smaller plants.

Except for a few pansies, it doesn’t have much color during the day.

Six. But at night, those mature rhododendrons are big enough to support a colorful display of Christmas lights.

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