The last fall I battled vinca for months and cleared one corner of the backyard. Bits of vinca keep popping up, but it’s much easier now to keep it under control.

Inspired by the jungle of flowers on Beaver Lake, I tossed several packages of a flower seed mix on the slope early this spring just before it rained. Every time it was about to rain after that I’d throw on more seeds. I ended up throwing on ten large seed packets. Some seeds I poked into holes in the dirt. A few seeds I started in fiber pots and then planted the pots in the ground.

1. I do have some blooms, but I can’t call it a jungle just yet.

2. There is cosmos and milkweed.

3. And flowers I don’t recognize.

4. Two colors of this.

5. Balsam?

6. Aster? This is a bunch of flowers that ended up in a clump at the bottom of the slope.

I’m hoping by August it looks more like a jungle.

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Peacock update: Early next week a wildlife removal company are bringing a very large trap. Once the peacock is captured it will be moved to a new home where it will have hen girlfriends and 40 acres to roam around in.