Several things I’ve been waiting for finally happened this week.

1. First, of course, were the incredible disappearing stairs.

Gone! The new ones are done, complete with a small rock retaining wall! What a difference! I can now prance up and down with minimal risk to life and limb.

After the construction crew left, I planted purple coneflowers and a milkweed on the nearly bare slope on the right.

2. The last expected frost date here is Mother’s Day, but some seedlings were getting too big for their little potted britches. I moved lemon cucumbers, squash and tomatoes to their big boy pots.

3. A little phlox goes a long, long way. My new mounding phlox and woodland phlox.

4. Lovely, zero-maintenance columbine.

5. On the left is the first teeny, tiny sign that my Max Frei geranium is still alive. On the right is one of several wild geraniums already up and blooming in the woods.

6. It is quite proper to have something statuesque to define the grand entrance to one’s palatial abode.

By the way, don’t forget!

Put the sunscreen down and take a stroll down the garden path with our host, the Propagator at Six on Saturday, and enjoy some amazing gardens from around the world.