It feels like summer has arrived already with all its heat and humidity. The only thing missing is rain. It looks like the next 3 months will be spent doing some serious watering.

1. My Clematis Jackmanii, rescued a couple of years ago from an abusive situation, had been hacked so much I didn’t cut it back until this past February. It worked! It has twice as many blooms as it had last year.

2. The veggie row is doing very well. The pot at the far end has sugar snap peas, which flat out refused to climb up their poles, preferring to flop over the side of the pot instead. The next pot has lemon cucumbers which are always happy to climb on anything. The next three are tomatoes with a husk cherry added at this end.

3. This was what the little paw paw nubbins looked like early this year. The second photo shows how much they’ve fattened up. Each nubbin is now about as big as my thumb.

4. As usual, my yellow rose is outdoing itself.

5. My Tropicana rose never has as many blooms, but they are colorful and it has this strange blonde thing going on.

6. Even though it’s several years old, my Cherry Plum has never bloomed and has a very odd shape for a tree. It’s hard to get a good picture of it because it’s such an odd shape. It’s like a tree trying to be a bush. When it rains, the weight of the rain on its leaves causes it to bend over until the top nearly touches the ground.

I checked it out on my handy dandy PlantNet app. It suggested it might be a Japanese Meadowsweet, Blackthorn, European Aspen, Japanese Honeysuckle and a bunch of other possibilities. None seemed right, although it does have a few of what might be thorns. This is a mystery. I got it as a freebie from an online nursery. Nothing else I ordered from that particular nursery survived except this thing. It didn’t have a cultivar name. was just labeled ‘Cherry Plum.’

After doing a little research, I’ve concluded this is an American plum (Prunus americana). They are tough native trees with thorns and they tend to produce sprouts, which create small thickets.

Thorns! I didn’t notice it has thorns!

Its days are numbered.

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