I had a nice planted area in the front yard that became a large, embarrassing weed patch. I’ve replaced the mush of plants and blobs that were there except for the big *#$!% silver maple which will be departing in a month or two, but I haven’t done much since and it showed.

I needed to get this patch cleaned up so I could find a spot to put the maple’s replacement. One thing and another kept getting in the way. The most recent obstacle was this past summer when it was too hot to want to sit outside in the shade.

1. I’d grown several forget-me-nots last year. Their seeds spread far and wide. Last spring I envisioned a blue carpet of flowers. It would’ve been lovely if the grass and weeds hadn’t gotten in the way. Everything is so green here. This may have been the last time we got a good soaking rain.

2. Clean up has begun! Last spring I pulled up and bagged most of the forget-me-nots and weeds. I also dug up a lot of the daffodil bulbs and gave them away. That was the easy part. I edged my way along this side through the summer whenever it was cool enough to be outside.

3. This is the backside view of the soon-to-be-sawdust silver maple. It’s replacement will go in somewhere around here.

4. Summer turned into fall and the temp finally cooled down. Yesterday was cold and windy, but I was determined to get this dreary job done. Digging up grass isn’t nearly as satisfying as pulling up big chunks of vinca. As I plodded along, I covered each cleared area with a nice layer of bark mulch. The earlier mulch on the left, put on in the summer, has since been covered in leaves.

5. This is a before view of the front taken December 2020. The grass had grown in nearly two feet in places on each side.

6. It wasn’t an exciting project, but I’m so relieved it’s done! This is a photo from this morning. Now I can tell where the patch begins and ends.

After I’m done patting myself on the back and doing a bit of imbibing, I will get back to the important work of pulling up vinca.

What? There’s more?

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